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Activities for a healthy life that also [protects against corona]


Rabindra Dhungel, 19 august 2020. Sometimes there is fever, sometimes there is cold, sometimes there is headache, sometimes there is weakness, sometimes there is dizziness.

When our immune system is weakened. This kind of problem continues to plague. Therefore, due to such problems, our daily work schedule deteriorates. We can’t work as we think. Even treating the problem is not possible. On top of that, there are many disadvantages to taking medication.

Although there are some rules. By adopting which small diseases can be avoided. For that, some home remedies should be adopted and rules should be followed.

1. Fill a copper pot with water at night and get up before sunrise in the morning and drink water without brushing. This type of water is considered to be very beneficial.

2. Drink water one hour after eating. It strengthens the digestive system.

3. Basil is a very beneficial plant. Eating four basil leaves daily does not cause heart and stomach related diseases. It also has the ability to fight cancer.

4. Food should be chewed well. Do not drink water with food. Drink water one hour after eating, it keeps the digestive system healthy. Also, the problem of obesity is not allowed to come.

5. Let’s eat bitter gourd vegetable once a week. It protects against fever, bile, epilepsy, stomach worms etc. Bitter gourd also controls obesity. It is also beneficial for diabetics.

6. Use garlic in food. It is an antibiotic. Garlic prevents diseases like tuberculosis. Also keeps the blood clean. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. It kills the bacteria in the stomach and keeps the stomach healthy.

7. Make tea with ginger, chilli and basil leaves and consume it.

8. Onions also contain very beneficial elements. It is better to take it with food. This prevents the problem of viral fibrosis.

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