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Breaking] SEE results published [View your results by this way]


Kathmandu, 17 August 2020. The National Examination Board has just published the results of the 2076 BS SEE. The board meeting has recently verified the results of the students’ exams. A member of the board informed that the results have just been published


NEB notice

The Examination Control Office, SEE, had prepared the results about a week ago and submitted them to the Chairman of the Board. On the same basis, the board has decided to publish the results with the consent of Education Minister Giriraj Mani Pokharel.

Even if the results are published, admission will not be available till the 15th of this month. The Education, Development and Coordination Unit will take action against the schools that do not follow the government’s instructions.

Similarly, the provision that students have to come to Panika to correct the error has been removed. After the student fills in the form and submits it to the unit within 35 days, the unit will correct the error and send it to the school.

This is how the result can be seen
The results of the SEE can be viewed on the website of Nepal Telecom. Telecom has made arrangements to view it through phone, SMS and its website.


Shortly after the company released the information, the results can be viewed via IVR technology by dialing 1600 from a mobile phone. You can also dial 1600 from Nepal Telecom’s mobile numbers, wired telephones and CDMA phones. In this way, when calling 1600, you can know the result by pressing your symbol number as per the instructions given.

Also, from mobile, GSM and CDMA phones, go to the message box, type the “SEE “space “symbol number ” and send a message to “1600”. Telecom has made arrangements to know the results by logging on to its website. Apart from this, it can be viewed from the websites of National Examination Board, Examination Control Office Class 10, National Examination Board’s website, Ncell’s website and other websites.

Students will be able to view the SEE results from the National Examination Board’s website, the Board’s Examination Control Office’s Class 10 website, Nepal Telecom and Ncell’s website, EDU Network and Kantipur Publication’s website.

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