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What is the role of banks and cooperatives in times of crisis? [Lockdown is the exam of “banks and cooperatives”]


Rabindra Dhungel, Kathmandu, Fri, 9 Aug 2020 . What can a country like ours, which is dependent on foreign aid, loans and remittances, do when all the rich countries are suffering from the corona virus? , The lockdown issued by the government gave us ample opportunity to be aware and vigilant.



Industry, business, factories and financial sector all came to a standstill. Just as the ticking of a clock stops after the battery runs out, the running car stops running after running out of oil, so the speed of a hundred kilometers per hour suddenly stopped.


Banks closed, thousands of cooperatives closed. One hundred and fifty depositors a day could not withdraw their savings, creating a situation of starvation. Those who like to work hard can’t afford to beg, what are those hard working hands doing? Despite hard work, the government has not paid attention to market management.


Will their member organizations compete for the same position as they did in the race for office? Will those who are upset when they are a little upset in their address and asanas compete to hold the hands of the member organizations in the coming calamity? , Hospitals, co-operative banks, etc.) to move forward or to keep appealing to the member organizations to strengthen the umbrella organization, now in the coming financial crisis, the associations can reassure the member organization that we are behind you?

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