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Is it hot ? Remember the onion So many diseases can be eradicated by eating onions



Rabindra Dhungel, Thu, 6 Aug.

1. F’ights against cancer

According to the University of Guelph, red onions help fight against b’reast and stomach cancer. It contains high levels of quercetin and anthocyanins, which k’ill cancer cells.


2. It Keeps the heart healthy

The flavoring found in red onions help to keeping the heart healthy. It is also high in organosulfur, which helps to fight against heart disease. According to a research conducted in Argentina, organosulfur found in onions helps to prevent heart disease. The theosophical in onions naturally thins the blood and protects against heart attacks.

Onions also control cholesterol levels. Due to which the heart is healthy. According to a report by Cambridge University Press, the flavoring found in onions help to reduce the ‘bad cholesterol’ of obese people.

3. Lowers blood sugar levels

The sulfur and quercetin found in onions help to lower blood sugar levels. However, it only works effectively if the onion is taken regularly with diabetes medicine.

4. Strengthens the digestive system

The fiber called inulin found in onions works to strengthen the digestive system. Inulin produces bacteria needed for the intestines. Eating this fiber helps maintain the level of healthy bacteria in the body.

Another type of fiber found in onions – oligofructose – has the ability to heal various types of diarrhea. Similar phytochemicals control the risk of gastric ulcer.

The natural prebiotics found in onions also relieve constipation. Onions kill stomach worms and stomach worms.

5. Increased immunity

Onions contain selenium which enhances immunity. The minerals found in it also provide the ability to fight against disease. In Russia, onions are used as a medicine for colds and coughs.

6. Improves sleep

Onions contain probiotics that improve sleep and reduce stress, according to research.

7. S’ex’ual health

In western Uganda, onions are used to treat infertility and erectile dysfunction. Onions are said to benefit men in particular. Drinking honey mixed with onion juice increases male fertility.


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