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Does thirst quench the need for nutrition and vitamins in pregnant women? What are the addictions in women?


Rabindra Dhungel, Fri, 24 Jul . Most people think that thirst provides information about the need for nutrition and vitamins. We are easily accepting many kinds of desires of pregnant women like to eat very sour and sour pickles, like to eat meat, like to eat icecream and like to eat different types of chocolate every day.


There is also a legend that women who like too much sour food can get pregnant. Some people think that a woman’s thirst meets the needs of a developing fetus in her womb. Some have speculated that this may have pointed to some invisible underlying biological and chemical reality.


There are different types of thirst, some rice thirst, some chocolate thirst,

Some people are thirsty for meat, some people are thirsty for sour / sour pickles. Women in non-English speaking countries of Japan have a high thirst for rice. The thirst for chocolate in American women and the thirst for sour pickles in women in other countries make it clear that thirst can be linked to cultural and psychological factors. It is good for women’s health to stay at home during pregnancy. Some experts say that women are also thirsty because they have to stay at home. In such cases, it is better to give one or two vitamins a day. However, the best way to quench your thirst is to focus on other things.


Excessive chocolate consumption during menstruation causes thirst in 50% of women in the United States. Some scientists have suggested that the thirst hormone during menstruation should be replaced and supplemented with nutrition. It can be understood that women are not only thirsty to gain weight but also to fulfill their biochemical needs.


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