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Ocean’s Beautiful Creatures | we don’t know about !!!


Sabin, Kathmandu | 28 May 2020

Nepal is a landlocked country which clarifies that we are not connected to any oceans but we are renowned to have world’s 2nd largest water resource. Despite being the fact of being 2nd largest water resourced country on the list mostly we are unknown to the most beautiful fishes and other creatures in the sea water.

Ocean by hearing this word most of Nepalese people have the imagination of vast vision of water as far as our eyesight can reach. We have over 6000 rivers, lakes, ponds, waterfall in our country and we know about living creatures and animals, fishes and its kind but do we know what kind of creature’s lives under the sea or ocean? These questions might arise in everyone’s mind as most people have not seen an ocean or been able to feel the sea breeze which is natural boon to us humankind.

Let’s talk about some amazing and beautiful creatures that live under the sea. They are listed below:

  1. Red lionfish

Red lionfish is considered is one of the most venomous fish which is mostly found in indo-pacific waters. These fish is of 18.5 inches in length and has alternate stripes in their body with different color variation like white-brown, white-red, and white-maroon.

  1. Flying fish

Flying fish is known to be third most beautiful fish in the world. Although it cannot actually fly, it can take very high self propelled leaps out of the water. Their length is from 7 to 12 inches and can reach up to 18 inches.

  1. Christmas tree worm

Christmas tree worm belongs to tropical oceans around the world which is said to be most beautiful creature. These are mostly found in tropical waters. It has Christmas tree like a crown in its head with spiral plumes on them which changes color like red, orange, yellow, white and pink by itself and if it feel, danger approaching it hides by contracting itself inside the rock and seems like magic, vanished within the tiny holes inside the rocks as if it never existed to our eyes.

[Note – All featured images source: Google]

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