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Lockdown: Things to do !!! 


Sabin, Kathmandu | 25 May 2020

Lockdown basically implies a circumstance wherein individuals are not permitted to enter or leave a structure or territory uninhibitedly in light of a crisis. Nowadays because of worldwide pandemic numerous nation expressed crisis convention lockdown to such an extent that to limit the disease and spare an ever increasing number of lives of their residents. Thus, Nepal government has additionally declared and expanded the lockdown time frame a few times.

Corona infection is an infection which transmits through the breath, sniffle of contaminated staff to others which obviously encourages us to keep up certain good distance from each individual close by and use masks. This crisis convention has its own constructive and contrary results as people groups can’t move uninhibitedly as before but we have to keep this in mind that ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Peoples all around the globe are getting exhausted by constantly remaining at their homes for as far back as scarcely any months which unmistakably shows that the peoples are getting sad, turning out to be increasingly lazier. Therapist’s investigates demonstrated that people have inclination to change their propensity on the off chance that they do same thing for seven days they will absolutely get propensity for that, which is why they can’t think what to do and what not to do in this emergency. So, some of the productive things to do in this time period are as follows:

Things to do in lockdown

  1. Playing cards is one of the best ways to pass time.
  2. Gardening and flowering plants
  3. Making pictures or sketches
  4. Learning global language through internet i.e. sign language
  5. Watching movies
  6. Preparing blogs
  7. Playing indoor games
  8. Learn coding for students
  9. To stay fit do some light exercises and yoga at home
  10. Write a novel those who are interested
  11. Stitch clothes and can design new clothes
  12. Learn to play available instruments like guitar, piano etc.
  13. Solving puzzles
  14. Cleaning rooms
  15. Working from home if possible
  16. Learning new cooking recipes
  17. Reading books and novels.
  18. Learn calligraphy handwriting.

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