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Singapore: drug dealer sentenced to death penalty live streamed via zoom application.


Sabin, Kathmandu | 21 May 2020

SINGAPORE | One of the world’s smallest countries by territory, used the live streaming video-call application Zoom for different purpose which clearly shows that, a Malaysian drug dealer named Punithan Genasan, 37 year-old-Malaysian sentenced liable for his job in sedate arrangement, has been given capital punishment through Zoom video-call. As indicated by the police, Genasan was seen as liable for his job in a 2011 heroin exchange which brought about the passing discipline. It is the one of the first criminal situation where a capital punishment was articulated by remote hearing in Singapore, the representative included.

Man has been condemned to death in Singapore [photo: AFP].

Singapore has implemented lockdown since early April is stretched out up to June 1 bringing about the suspending of numerous cases requiring moment hearing. Offering an explanation to the questions of Reuters the representative of Singapore’s Supreme Court said that it for the security of the associated with the procedure.


For the security of all associated with the procedures, the meeting for Public Prosecutor v Punithan A/L Genasan was directed by video-conferencing,” the representative for Singapore’s Supreme Court said. As indicated by the representative, it was the primary criminal situation where a capital punishment has been articulated by remote hearing in Singapore.


Singapore likewise holds the compulsory capital punishment, in specific conditions, for homicide and medication dealing, as opposed to global shields and limitations on the utilization of capital punishment. As indicated by Amnesty International, two people were executed in Singapore for tranquilize related charges in 2019, while two others were hanged in the wake of being indicted for homicide.


“This case is another update that Singapore keeps on challenging global law and norms by forcing capital punishment for tranquilize dealing and as an obligatory discipline,” Amnesty’s capital punishment consultant Chiara Sangiorgio said in an announcement. “This must end now. When worldwide consideration is centered around sparing and ensuring lives in a pandemic, the quest for capital punishment is even more despicable.”

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