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Very strange: blood and fire flows from waterfall


Naturally . when the river falls down from the top is called a waterfall. Waterfalls are generally viewed as a natural beauty. Waterfalls are usually formed in the upper reaches of the river. Usually, the waterfall is constructed by water. But there are also wonderful waterfalls in the world that seem to be on fire due to the definite change in the atmosphere along with the water. Due to different environments and unique coincidences, the view of the waterfall becomes different. When water falls from a mountain hundreds to thousands of meters high, we can see like it is raining fire or blood.

Hurstell Falls, California

This waterfall falls from ‘Captain Himal’ at 1460 feet. In winter season and winter season, the wind blows very fast in this waterfall. Similarly, the color of the waterfall changes towards the end of February. Now the waterfall looks like a fire instead of a waterfall. As the night falls, the color of the waterfall turns red. When you look at this waterfall at night, it seems that fire is raining from the mountains, not water.

Cameron Falls

The waterfall is located in Alberta, Canada. If we look at the month in which it falls, the waterfall is pink in color. It is said that a special type of substance was mixed in the water from the waterfall at that time.

Antarctica’s blood falls

It is located in the Dry Valley of Antarctica. When people look at it, it looks like blood is flowing from the waterfall. Why blood flows like blood has been discovered. According to the news, the water flowing from the waterfall looks red like blood due to chemicals like oxygen, snow and iron.

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