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Story : Half Girlfriend – Anup Mishra


Anup Mishra. With the transfer of my father’s job, our family also decided to leave Pokhara and go to Kathmandu. Then, on the morning of Holi, the bus left for Kathmandu with salmon on the roof of the bus. Tired of traveling all day and moving things, we were forced to sleep on noodles at night. For me, Kathmandu was the first time, so I spent a few days walking around the zoo and visit to the dharahara tower. As there would be new enrollment in Baishakh, my father started enrolling us in a nearby school. A few days after I took the entrance exam, I was called for admission. The school started on Monday, April 20, 2006 [2062 Baishakh 5].

New spot, new condition, everything appeared to be one of a kind. Step by step, I got familiar with my companions and blended. There was an old custom in the school to take my book from another area and use it. I additionally began engaging in it. Being somewhat bashful, I was humiliated to converse with my lady friends, yet I had to sit on the primary seat in the following room and request a book. Pokhareli’s discourse was charming for Kathmandu, so he used to joke every now and then. Which I likewise delighted in. In the interim, upon the arrival of the occasion, while the sun was warming on the top of the house, a call went to the landline.

– Hello, hello, Aayush?

Yes, who spoke?

– It’s me Alisa, don’t u remember me?

– Well, I’ll hang up if you do not know me.

(So the phone hung-up) I started to think, who would call me, where did I get the number from, if someone else picked up the phone instead of me. I felt happy in my mind that there was someone to call me too. The next day, while sitting in line at the school, a voice came from behind – Aayush had received a call from a girl yesterday. I knew it was his phone whose book I always asked for, but the sound on the phone was different. He also has my mobile number. Gradually, after the school holidays, I started talking on my mobile phone and started texting. Inside the book, he started writing songs in chit and exchanging them. When she would be away for several days, she would go to a relative and let me talk to the cousin’s daughter who had previously spoken to me as Alisa.

Gradually, the trend of Facebook started coming. It was fun to like and comment on Facebook and make new friends, so Sujita Ghimire came to my Facebook one day (People You May Know). I also sent a request and it was accepted from there. Gradually, the SLC was completed and the paper exchange in the book was also completed. Phones, text messages kept dropping, and after the Class 12 exams, he moved to the United States in search of work. So I joined an organization and had to go to a remote district of Nepal where the net did not work for three months and the phone tower did not pick up. As soon as the result of 12 came, I returned to Kathmandu. The search for a college began. Probably because of the hilly part of Nepal, I wanted to study tourism and enrolled in a college.

I was requested to take orientation at 10 o’clock however I was late because of road turned parking lot. At the point when I came to there, I gradually opened the entryway and everybody’s face turned towards me as though it was my chance to give a discourse. Sooner or later, the essential’s discourse finished and as I was going to leave, two young ladies were coming towards me. She appeared to see the face however remembered it.

– Aren’t you Aayush?


– I am Sujita, you are also in this college, come so late

(I remember, even though I didn’t talk on Facebook, I kept liking the photo.) Um…I was late, I reached home and hurriedly massaged.….

You are likewise in a similar school, individuals realize you by taking a gander at the photographs. Message marked (seen) however no answer. Again he communicated something specific ‘Are you busy???’ There was a scene in it as well yet no answer came. The examination began, the propensity for requesting a book from a kid began working in school and his book began working. Bit by bit, he began composing melodies for her in the book. Frequently, they would state, ‘What do you mean by’ silver and gold ‘? Be that as it may, there was no answer. One day he sent a joke.”I don’t need my child to concentrate in your little girl’s memory either, so how about we make her a sibling and sister,” he said. Nourishment was not found trading books.

A few months later, there was talk of going on a Ghandruk Ghodepani tour from the college. The bus was ordered according to the number of students, but in the end one more person was added and the seats did not reach. It was a wonderful opportunity for me; I traveled in her seat with 3 people. It was the first time of trekking, so it was snowing at night before reaching Ghodepani. In the meantime, she said, “why you came without wearing gloves, just grab me with one hand and walk with me.”And my stiffened hand grabbed her warm hand and walked away as if the path would never end. She used to wait for me for lunch or dinner. I requested to take a photo together, she simply smiled, I also hugged her on this occasion, and she said it is just to remember. The trek brought us very close. I also asked for the number when I was on leave.

– give me your contact number, you too save my contact.

– I don’t want,

After reaching home, I was looking at the photos for a while, a message came on my mobile!

– I have reached home. I wonder how she got my number!

She had spared her number on my portable as ‘Half Girlfriend’. My psyche labeled the lady of the hour and posted a photograph of her on Facebook. Sooner or later the message came, ‘I just said to recollect, for what reason did you post in Facebook? Simply expel it. ‘I briskly opened the photograph and attempted to expel it, yet she had blocked me. During the entire occasion I didn’t called her does as well she. It appears as though my number has likewise been blocked.

College started and now I stays in the room thinking not to ask for books. She herself came to the door and said, “Oh hero, don’t you need a book?” She threw it on the table. Leaving the book alone, she took it herself after all the subjects were over.

Then a friend request came and texted her,

I asked, isn’t it enough blocking me once?

– Will you accept or not?

(I thought she could accept it from my account herself.) Why you blocked me?

– You didn’t listen, that’s why!

I began to feel my own deficiency. To what extent would i be able to remain away? There was no contrast between the sky after the downpour and the affection after the battle, how lovely, how open, the flying creatures in the brain like the feelings are flying and celebrating. In any event, chatting on the telephone for quite a long time resembles being as one. I have quit needing to go to class much after the break time in school. Our relationship was not constrained to school gatherings, yet in addition started to move outwards, some of the time to Chitlang and now and then to Bhotekoshi.It is not known whether 3 years have passed in fun and graduation is over. By that time, I had started my own business, so after school, our love did not return as before. In the end, it was decided to tie the knot. We got married after family reunions on both sides. If you keep a photo, you will not block it anymore. Suddenly, a comment came, ‘Happy married life sister, Vinaju. May the Eras Ahead with Field with Lasting Joy ! ‘

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