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Heaven is myth but nepal is real – trek to gosaikunda


Sudip Khanal, Gosaikunda. The bus stopped at Gorikhola, Talamarang VDC of Sindhupalchowk, some 100 km from the city, around 11 a.m. The co-driver said he was going to get out of the vehicle-the bus journey to Gosaikunda was only up to that point. After resting with the torrential rain for a bit, we had our brunch and began our journey at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Pilgrims, including young people, flocked to the newly built road to fill the festival. We reached a spot named Kutumsang on the boundary of the Nuwakot district in around five hours after watching the mountains, squeezing our appetite, consuming food and crossing the river.

Kutumsang, which falls within the area of ​​Langtang National Park, is a beautiful place from a tourist point of view. And, hotels, lodges, good arrangements for food. While having lunch there, a Nepal Police jawan said, “If you are going to fill the fair, cross this military area before 6 o’clock. The road is not allowed after 6 o’clock.” According to the young man, we headed for the journey. As the road was slippery, we had to fight. It was late in the evening. After a two-hour trek up the hill, we found a hotel and decided to stay. In which three hundred and fifty people per person got food and accommodation. After eating, we lay down on the bed we had taken.

We got up at 6 in the morning and washed our hands and face with cold water. The water was dripping, along with the umbrella and plastic cover, we started our journey again. After climbing the hill for about an hour, a ‘Tharpu’ with shops and resting place started appearing at a place called Deurali. Tharpu means temporary hut or barn in the local language. With the approval of the Gosaikunda Area Management Committee, the locals have been allowed to keep Tharpu for the duration of the fair. Let’s eat, let’s not go hungry, we wanted to drink tea as soon as we saw the passenger, we paid twenty five rupees per cup of black tea.


The bridesmaids of Tharpu start shouting that the food is cheap. Chana and potato vegetables, flour bread, eggs and biscuits are special dishes kept in Tharpu. The journey continued at a slow pace, and so did the water. On the way, singing songs, jokes and hymns, we walked for an hour uphill from Deurali and reached a place called Dobato. Pilgrims coming through Sundarijal will meet at the same intersection. A person living in the same Tharpu informed that one Tharpu will be found during every one and a half hour journey of the fair.

We reached a place called Saunepani in forty-five minutes from Dobato. From where you could see the scenery of the beautiful mountains. Those who captured the beautiful scenery on camera were not satisfied. We rested there for a while and started our journey. 3450 m above sea level in two and a half hours from Saunepani. We reached a place called Mangin Goth located at a height. In fact, this place is no less than Switzerland. There are hotels and lodges targeting tourists. Surrounded by meadows and forests, the beautiful hills can be seen from here in abundance, so Mangin Goth is like heaven.

We reached Ghopte in one hour and thirty minutes after observing the breathtaking views from Mangin Goth. We ate the same food at the rate of two hundred and fifty per person. Vegetables could not be eaten as the salt was too high and too bitter. As we continued our journey towards noon, we reached the border area of ​​Helambu without visiting Sindhupalchowk. The area was completely a pasture, where buffaloes were grazing.

Playing songs from our mobile, we crossed the hill and reached a place called Thulo Ghopte. Suddenly, heavy rain fell. After eating some of the food, the pilgrims started wearing umbrellas, some plastic, some walking and some raincoats. The road was bumpy, we were all soaked, and a friend’s slippers and umbrella were washed away when we crossed the river. Talking bitterly, we climbed the hill and reached Tharpu of Dhupichaur. We ate tea and cream cracker biscuits at Rs 30 per cup and Rs 50 respectively. After that, the journey continued uninterrupted. As it was difficult for many to cross the hill, many people started chewing thyme and garlic to avoid the lake. After a continuous journey of two hours, we reached a place called Lower Fedi at an altitude of about 4000 meters. By the time I reached here, my body was drenched and the rain had stopped. Leaving the bushes and trees, we began to find bare and rocky hills.

After walking from Tallophedi for about forty five minutes, we reached Fedi. This is where the border of Rasuwa district begins. A hotel lodge has been arranged at Fedi to attract tourists. We have received information that the hotel charges five to seven thousand rupees a day. We decided to stay in Yailathang. The long ascent of Laurie Binayak will start from the foot.

It was evening and we stepped up to the top and rested. The attraction of the low, high and steep hills seen from here was alleviating the fatigue of the travelers. Passengers were found weak and exhausted due to lack of oxygen. Eating cold air, we climbed the hill. A place called Yailathang has arrived. Where pilgrims were bargaining in Tharpu. On the second day’s journey, it was suggested to stay in Yailathang. We arranged for five hundred rupees per person to live and eat in the Tharpu prepared by pitching a tent. As winter approached, the owner of the Tharpu gave him a thin blanket. Sleep on the cold floor lined up on a thin mat covered with leaves and pine leaves. The roof of Tharpu .

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