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Not only Covid-19, NO medicine and treatment for these many diseases too:


There is an epidemic of the Corona virus now. Scientists are working to find a vaccine. However, vaccine formation is challenging in the event that the disease is not yet known. Today we are discussing other diseases, the drug of which has not yet been discovered.

Memory loss problems¬† can cause many to suffer in old age. But, not all problems are Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a degenerative brain disorder. It shows a different problem in each patient. So far the exact cause has not been discovered, nor is the treatment available.

Sideninfantdeath’s Syndrome
This is a sudden death of a healthy baby for no reason. This happens in some infants who are not yet 6 years old. Most babies die when they sleep. About 1 percent of all deaths occur in infants, while the remaining 1 percent are reported to be caused by infections, genetic disorders and heart problems. So far neither cause nor cure has been discovered for this problem.

Multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia are different. However, in many cases there is the illusion that these two are the same. There are many symptoms of schizophrenia, each person may show different symptoms.It is difficult for the patient to hear unobtrusive sounds, to be afraid, to have unplanned voices and thoughts and to understand what the reality is. They delight in the fantasy world. The disease has been studied for decades. However, the cause of this is not yet clear, nor has the treatment been invented.

Water allergy
This is known as the therapeutic language Aquagenik Yakateria. Such allergies may cause pain or injury when exposed to water. This means that there are problems with swimming, bathing, and even drinking water. Genetic mutations also play a role in this, but exact causes and treatments have not yet been discovered.

Stiff Person Syndrome
This rare disease attacks only about 1 in a million people. The problem was discovered about two years ago. It attacks the human nervous system and gradually leads to other problems. The cause and treatment of it have not yet been determined.

Have you ever heard or seen your baby eating garbage or food? One of the problems with eating and drinking is Pico. People should eat other things like food, such as clay, stone, and garbage. It often harasses children and sometimes appears on pregnant women, adults and even people with different characteristics. There are several reasons for this, but it is unclear what the main reason is. No drug is detected.

This is a problem for children as they get older. Hair loss, skin rash, discontinuation of growth and internal organs are seen. Most children who experience this problem die before the age of 6 years. It’s been called a genetic problem, but no exact cause and treatment has been discovered.

It’s a mysterious psoriasis. The skin of those who suffer from this problem is painfully bad. They experience something serious going on inside their skin, and eventually the fibers, yarn or black matter come out of their skin wounds. The cure for this problem has not yet been discovered.

Kirchfeld Jakov disease
The disease is a fatal degenerative brain disorder. Early symptoms include congestion problems, behavioral changes, poor coordination and visual impairment. About 1 percent of the disease is lost within a year. This rare disease is also seen in about 1 in 1 million, with an estimated 100 in 100 in the United States each year. But the cause has not been discovered so far, nor the drug.

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
People with such diseases have the illusion that they are something larger than their size. And also the objects around you. In short, such people may think that they are two inches high. While this is still being studied, no effective treatment has been discovered.

These diseases, too
Fever ascent syndrome, which causes people to change their speech and suffer from burning pain for months, has not even been discovered in the world, including millions of HIV-AIDS drugs.

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