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Be aware that the CoronaVirus can also be transmitted through Smart Phones & Laptops :


A health scientist has said that the coronavirus can transmit people to any means. One report said the hands and nose should only be washed  after touching the smartphone’s  screen repeatedly. According to reports,  Coronavirus can also pass through  smartphone’s   screen to humans .

The coronavirus can survive on the surface   for up to 2 weeks. The virus comes out of an infected person’s mucus , spit &  saliva. According to CNN, alcohol wipes can slow down the virus on the smartphone while cleaning the smartphones. In addition, they have emphasized for  use of sanitizers to prevent the virus.
How to keep the gadget free?

1. Minimize the use of public services as much as possible to prevent coronavirus infection from spreading rapidly. Such as reducing the use of public computers or cybercafe. Do not use public toilets.

2. Clean your smartphone with hand sanitizer. Before doing so, switch the phone off. Just to protect the phone, no alcohol should be wiped off the screen.  60  percent alcohol-sanitizer can be used to clean a smartphone’s screen.

3. You also need to clean your personal laptop to avoid viruses. For this, the laptop must  be closed and wiped with 60 percent alcohol mixed with sanitizer on tissue paper.

4. Smartphones and handkerchiefs should not be placed in the same pocket. After cleaning the mobile or laptop, soap water should be washed thoroughly

5. Earphones should always be used when calling. This helps prevent the virus from entering the phone. Remember to clean the airphones too. Any sanitizer can be used to clean the earphones. Personal gadgets must be cleaned at least once a day to avoid coronavirus.

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