The United States  appears to have joined Taiwan to end China . During the epidemic of the Corona virus, tense situations have been created between the superpower nations ( China and America ) . The Corona Virus (Covid-19) Pandemic has begun a new war between the  world superpowers. The world is now divided into US and China fields.
At the United Nations Federal Security Council meeting called for the Corona virus to be controlled, the two powers split into different poles. The two superpowers were seen redistributing to the theme of the role of the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO), which is dominant in the West. The US went against the UN and the WHO, while China was immune. With the Corona virus outbreak, the United States, which appears to be liberal towards China, has been questioning the role of the United Nations and the WHO.
China interpreted the Corona pandemic as a global challenge at a virtual security council meeting called on Thursday to address the crisis as the Corona virus became epidemic. China also praised the UN and the World Health Organization for its role in resolving the crisis.
Meanwhile, the United States pointed to China, saying it was important to maintain transparency during the crisis. Along with the World Health Organization accuse China of hiding the reality of the corona virus. US President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized the WHO.He is also warning that the US will stop funding it. Trump accused the WHO of not being timely signaling and being China-friendly. Trump has even been accused of speaking out against a US ban on travel to China.They said it was wrong. They really missed the opportunity. They should have informed about this a month in advance. They knew Must know ‘, Trump said at a Covid-19 media briefing at the White House on April 7, “They appear to be more China-centric. ” We   has to be scrubbed. So we are considering this. ‘The United States is contributing 12 to 13 percent of WHO’s annual budget. Similarly, Beijing contributes three percent.
‘They criticized my travel ban decision. And, they were wrong ‘, he said. Trump banned travel on January 31. Which went into effect on February 2. US shaking hands with Taiwan. The United States, which has diplomatic relations with China’s mainland, is currently joining hands with Taiwan on the occasion  of Covid-19.  Friday,  US ‘De Facto Embassy (American Institute) has announced that it will move ahead with more partnerships with Taiwan. None of the countries committed to ‘One China Policy’  have diplomatic relations with Taiwan. There is no diplomatic relationship between the US and Taiwan. But, through the Taiwan Relations Act 1979, Taiwan has been having financial relations with Taiwan.
The American Institute in Taipei announced that it would expand its relations with Taiwan.  On the same day that the law was passed through Facebook . Washington signed the Taiwan Relations Act as soon as Washington established diplomatic relations with Beijing. Taiwan has not yet been recognized as a Country in the international forum including the United Nations. Some Western countries, including the United States, have been in favor of recognizing the country by having ties to Taiwan.